School of International Projects and Programs

School of International Projects and Programs aims to blaze the trail for a new international collaborative model of student education and scientific research by actively seeking partnerships with world-class universities. 

The missions are to establish international degree programs to provide students with diversified and forward-looking education, and to build advanced collaborative research platforms for cutting-edge scientific and critical technology research. 

At present, the School has launched a master's double-degree program, and established Sino-French Swarm Intelligence Lab and Sino-French Co-Lab for Digital Aeronautics, etc.

About Master's Double Degree Program in Engineering

The program is an international collaboration program jointly initiated by Beihang University,  and the GROUP OF ECOLES CENTRALE. The program has a three-year scheme. The two initiating parties jointly set up a unified curriculum that focuses on studentsfundamental knowledge, engineering prowess and management skills, and scientific research capabilities.

The program adopts a 1+1+1 model. The students study at Beihang University in the first year, GEC in the second year, and Beihang Hangzhou Innovation Institute Yuhang in the third year. Students are awarded master’s degrees by both Beihang and GROUP OF ECOLES CENTRALE upon graduation.