School of Engineering

The School of Engineering focuses on the two disciplines of advanced materials and smart manufacturing and promotes interdisciplinary research. Based on materials science and engineering, and mechanical engineering, the School of Engineering is currently developing a broad range of research areas including but not limited to advanced lightweight materials, advanced composites materials, high-temperature materials and surfaces, advanced detection and sensor technology, smart manufacturing, micro-nano integration, optoelectronic materials, and robotics. Aiming at the frontiers of international development and urgent national needs, the School of Engineering puts the priority on researches on the high-temperature structural materials and functional coatings for aero-engines, lightweight structural materials, airborne special alloy materials, advanced manufacturing technologies for aviation complex components, etc., to build the designing, manufacturing and characterization platforms for high-performance aerospace materials, a technological innovation center, a talent training center, and an international cooperation and exchange center.

At present, the School of Engineering has established experimental platforms for materials discipline and smart manufacturing to provide strong support for scientific research and teaching.

College Scientific Research Platform