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A Lecture from Academician Jiang Lei


On September 16, at the invitation of Academician Fang Jiancheng, Professor Jiang Lei, Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and President of the School of Chemistry and Environment of Beihang, visited Beihang Hangzhou Innovation Institute Yuhang and the laboratories of Zero Magnetic Science. Professor Jiang learned about the scientific research achievements and latest progress reported by the quantum precision measurement and sensing research team, and presented an academic report on Energy Conversion, Chemical Reaction and Information Transfer Based on Quantum-Confined Superfluid. The lecture was hosted by Academician Fang Jiancheng.

As a leading scholar in the field of biomimetic nano intelligent interface materials, Academician Jiang Lei expressed his strong belief in the Taoism philosophy of “the way follows the example of nature” (dao fa zi ran道法自然) as a guiding principle of his research work- one should learn from nature in his journey towards new scientific discoveries.

Academician Jiang Lei likened human body to a complex and efficient "machine". In order to solve the ultimate problem of life science - how life achieves efficient protein biosynthesis, energy conversion and signal transmission with ultra-low energy consumption, he proposed a new theoretical model based on Quantum-Confined Superfluid. In the report, starting with the natural phenomena that electric eel discharge and cardiac resuscitation require macroscopic modulation by frequency of 2Hz, he introduced the concept that the macroscopic quantum state of directional and orderly collective flow of molecules/ions on the cell surface is the carrier of biological information transmission, established the description of molecular ion superfluid quantum state based on Ginzburg-Landau equation, and put forward the basic idea of experimental verification.

After the report, Academician Fang Jiancheng pointed out that basic and common scientific problems usually need to be solved through interdisciplinary studies. He hoped that the teachers and students of the school would value basic frontier interdisciplinary scientific research, not only learn and use the professional knowledge of the discipline they specialize in, but also strive to learn the theories of other disciplines, expand their ideas and solve basic problems. He also encouraged teachers and students not to believe in authority blindly, to have courage, confidence and long-term planning, to challenge the scientific peak, and to use the international first-class scientific research platform built by the team to make groundbreaking innovations in the field of Zero Magnetic Science(an environment without external magnetic field).