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The High-Performance Computing Centre is Officially Launched!


On April 8th, the opening ceremony of the High-Performance Computing Centre (HPCC) was successfully held. Ma Jinxi, Director of the Office for Establishing Zhongfa Aviation University and Dean of Beihang Hangzhou Innovation Institute Yuhang, Luo Xiling, Dean of the School of Civil Aviation, and Zhou Miao, Dean of the Faculty of Science attended the event.

Professor Zhou Miao, appointed as the Director of the HPCC, pointed out that computing is the third means of scientific research, and the opening of the HPCC will contribute to the original innovation of scientific research, thereby further improving research efficiency.

Dean Ma Jinxi congratulated the official opening of the HPCC. He highlighted the importance of computing as the key to major breakthroughs in future scientific research and hoped that the computing centre could facilitate the process of scientific research for more original outcomes.


The construction and installment of the computing centre started in August 2021 and underwent thorough planning and expert panel evaluation. Its infrastructure consists of CPU and GPU clusters, a parallel file system, and inter-server high-speed connections. The centre will fully support the computing needs of studies in artificial intelligence, deep learning, computational materials, fluid mechanics, and other disciplines.

The High-Performance Computing Centre (HPCC) maintains Intel 8358 CPU clusters and NVIDIA A100 GPU clusters, including a total of 5976 CPU computing cores and a total system memory capacity of 26.23TB. The total storage capacity reaches 2.89PB. The theoretical peak of the overall computing power is 1169 trillion floating-point operations per second.