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Tianmushan Lab is Officially Launched!


According to Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Zhejiang provincial government has approved the establishment of three Provincial Labs, an addition to the six previously approved Provincial Labs namely Zhejiang Lab, Liangzhu Lab, Westlake Lab, Lakeside Lab, Yongjiang Lab, and Oujiang Lab. Tianmushan Laboratory, or the Zhejiang Provincial Laboratory for Aviation (天目山实验室/航空浙江省实验室), together with Baimahu Lab and Donghai Lab, became the newest members to join the first echelon of high-powered innovation platforms in Zhejiang.

Applied and fundamental research with a focus on supersonic green civil aircraft

Tianmushan Lab (Zhejiang Provincial Lab for Aviation), jointly established by Zhongfa Aviation University and Beihang University, will explore new theoretical fronts in supersonic green civil aviation, and seek advances in applied and fundamental sciences in aviation. The lab focuses its research on the following FOUR topics:

· intelligent design of supersonic green civil aircraft

· integrated design of green civil aero-engines

· high-performance aviation materials and advanced manufacturing

· intelligent flight management and high-efficiency airborne energy system

In the future, the lab will contribute to breakthroughs of key technologies in core fields, the gathering of top minds from the global aviation research community, and the deep integration of education, innovation, and industry.

Boost technology power with aeronautical innovations

Ma Jinxi, Director of the Office for Establishing Zhongfa Aviation University, Dean of Beihang Hangzhou Innovation Institute Yuhang, and the Deputy Director of the Leading Group for Establishing Tiamushan Lab, said that the aviation industry is a high-profile manufacturing industry that integrates various kinds of high-end technologies. It represents the highest industrial power of a region or a nation.

"Tianmushan Lab will regard technology innovation in aviation as our top priority, gather intellectual resources and innovation dynamism, focus on cutting-edge, application-oriented research, and strive to obtain major scientific and technological achievements."

New research platforms and new talent recruits

The establishment of Tianmushan Lab is in steady progress. The overall planning, after meticulous evaluation and optimization, starts with the construction of scientific research platforms and talent recruitment. At present, Tianmushan Labs has established the initial 17 platforms in the fields including aerodynamics, new air traffic management, advanced aviation materials, and intelligent manufacturing of high-tech aviation instruments. It has also welcomed a number of highly-achieved scientists and scholars to join the research teams.

图片△aerodynamics platform 图片△high-precision wind tunnel with multi-energy flow 图片△Airborne Avionics Simulator Lab

Source: Zhejiang ReleaseYuhang Release