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Ma Jinxi Gave a Keynote Report at the Apsara Conference on Smart Campus Construction


On November 3, the 2022 Apsara Conference, themed Computing Drives Future, was officially launched in Hangzhou. As an industry meeting for digital technology and innovation, the Apsara Conference has evolved over 14 years into a flagship event in Asia where global technology leaders, industry elites, developers, and technology enthusiasts meet.

Ma Jinxi, Dean of Beihang Hangzhou Innovation Institute Yuhang, was invited to attend the conference and gave a keynote report entitled Building A Smart Campus: Interconnectivity Empowering the Further Development at the Education and Technology Forum. He introduced the exploration and practice of the construction of the ZFAU smart campus.

During his speech, Mr. Ma highlighted the ever-closer integration of technology and education, and the guiding philosophy of "a holistic, inter-connected and renewable design that will empower education" in the effort of building a smart campus ecosystem that operates on a standardized, advanced, and reusable operating system. The system encompasses the underlying infrastructure, the upper application services, and the supporting management and operation and maintenance system. The system will facilitate the integrated management of people, properties, and activities in the daily teaching, research, and administrative activities of students and staff.

The ZFAU smart campus has been designed as an organic body and is being constructed as a whole. An advisory board has been set up for extensive discussions and consultations. At present, the overall planning and design of the smart campus have been completed, and the work on infrastructure, the operating system, and real scenario applications are underway.

The smart campus system is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2023.