The Platform of Distributed Energy and Thermal Management


The Platform of Distributed Energy and Thermal Management has the digital sub-platform for semi-physical multi-component co-simulation of integrated thermal management of aviation engine, the test sub-platform for testing the stable/transient flow and heat transfer performance of thermal management components of aviation engine, the sub-platform for non-contact high-precision phosphorescence temperature measurement and spectrum analysis, the sub-platform for developing and calibrating devices for gas-solid coupling surface heat flow testing, supporting the "component-system-complete engine" multi-level research and development of the integrated thermal management of the aviation engine.

The platform strives to break through and master the core technology of thermal management and promotes the transformation of basic research results to model applications.

Its faculty consists of outstanding teachers from the Aero-Engine Research Institute of Beihang University, including three professors, three associate professors, one lecturer, and two full-time research assistants. There are seven faculty and research faculty and 18 masters and doctoral students in total. The team adheres to the spirit of "rigor and diligence", prioritizes fundamental research of aero-engines, and focuses on cutting-edge fields such as aero-engine thermal management, advanced cooling, advanced aviation testing. The platform has undertaken a number of national projects, Project 973, the national science funds, and other national projects.